We are fascinated by the idea of allowing people to shape their personal spaces in their own innovative and distinctive way with LED technology.
Fire can bring light to people. Original light, light is brightness, light is evolution. The evolution of continuous innovation. It will never end. Where light can reach, dreams bloom.

SAT aims to approach and deal with lighting in an intuitive and fun way.


Production base

Covering an area of 30,000 square meters, we currently have 600 employees,including more than 80 technical and QC staff and 6 production workshops with daily finished product output over 30,000 units.


R&d and production

We devote ourselves to developing new products with state-of-art technologies, Our R&D team has abundant experience in industrial design, electronic device, heat simulation analysis and optical design.

Most of our products are self-designed with private tooling and under TUV/CB/RCM/CE certifications.

Up to now

Since our foundation in 2009 we have developed from a small company
to become a global business, offering lighting solutions and services in
120 countries worldwide.

In furure cause

SAT will keep delivering ideal and scientifc lighting products to improve people's living standard and make the world a better place to live. Embrace your light.